That’s from the last paragraph of this remarkable first-person New Orleans narrative. The high-level recrimination dance has become predictably partisan, and I assume it will end when those in charge receive the usual Washington punishment. But the cops on the ground, once this is over can a whole bunch of them please be sent to jail? I’d never previously heard of Gretna, Louisiana but it’s going to go down in history as the place where the cops drive off refugees at gunpoint, then steal their food and water. [Update: Interesting meta-story. I originally linked to this story over at an Emergency Medical Services community site (the authors are both EMS workers). But then it vanished, as did the version at Craigslist. It turns out that the authors are, well, commies of the old school, and this apparently spooked the sites hosting the story. While commies have enhanced suspension-of-disbelief capability, they are not a priori liars, and now I see via Rogers Cadenhead that, class-struggle issues aside, the story is apparently true.]

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