I’m here in Tokyo to attend the WWW2005 show. I’d thought about trying for a geeks/bloggers gathering, but I’m only here briefly and the Sun Japan people have set me up with a bunch of meetings; mostly with people who’d like to hear about blogging and syndication. I thought it would be easier to show than talk, so herewith some words and pictures about this trip to Japan.

Narita Geometry

Narita Geometry

Frankly, I’ve always hated Tokyo’s Narita airport: crowded, lousy services, and way, way too far from Tokyo. This time I got through pretty quick even though, for the first time, Customs kind of shook me down: the young woman—who was a real babe, no small achievement in those silly uniforms they have to wear—showed me a paper with pictures of narcotics, pornography, guns, and live animals and wanted to know if I had any, and then actually went through my bag. Previously, my admission-to-Japan experience had been along the lines of “Canadian passport, yawn, next.”

This time of years, the rice paddies are full of water with the shoots just showing; I got two shots, from the air and from the airport bus.

Rice paddies near Narita from the air
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Rice paddies near Tokyo

The conference is in Makuhari, an ultramodern kind of place in Chiba, which is quite a ways from Tokyo proper but part of the vast Kanto agglomeration that slips into my mental “Tokyo” category. By local standards, this would be low-density office space.

Office buildings in Makuhari

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