Herewith two shots taken on the trip to the Bay yesterday, with an advisory on the awesome power of PhotoShop.

Above, I’m pretty sure that’s Mount Hood paying its respects to the moon. Below, San Francisco at sunset. Worth a click to enlarge moderately, and here is a link to the immoderately large unreduced version, useful if you think you might be able to find your house. Boy, I wish I’d had the SLR with the telephoto.

Mount Hood and the moon
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San Francisco from the air

It’s tough to take good pictures from an airplane because all that air gets in the way, even on a clear day like this was. Fortunately, PhotoShop has this magical “Levels” tool, and “Levels” has an “Auto” button, which you can almost never use on ordinary pictures, but which does an extraordinary job on aerials. But you have to be careful; below, I selected just the moon and let auto-Levels rip.

The Photoshop Levels tool applied to the moon

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