I turned on the ads again (from Google AdSense); this puppy’s monthly bill is starting to make it a pricey hobby. As with my previous experience, they’re no trouble in setting up and everything seems to Just Work. I’m a bit disappointed that the front page is apparently served exclusively with blogging-related ads [Update: a day later, the front-page choices are much better], but the selection on the other pages is quite intelligent. If anything has broken, do please get in touch. I’ll report back in due time on whether a fairly-popular blog can be made at least self-sustaining. [Update: it can.] [Update: they’re screwing up my layout.]

As several including Norm Walsh have written to point out, the new layout makes the content too narrow if you’re running a browser window less than about 840 pixels wide. Which means that those still stuck on 800x600 monitors are pretty well hosed. Norm suggests sticking them down below the little picture-of-the-hour, but that hardly seems fair to the ads. More thought required. Until I figure something out, stretch that window a bit and things will be much more readable.

Oh, and by the way, if the first two days of the year are any indication, the ad revenue is going to cover the hosting costs with some to spare.

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December 31, 2003
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