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One Corner of a Cube · I re­call a Con­fu­cian thinker (or Kong­fuzi him­self? or a Taoist? or a Bud­dhist? I can’t find the ref­er­ence) ar­gu­ing that if you are paint­ing a pic­ture of a cube, you re­al­ly on­ly need to paint one cor­ner and do it right ...
On Reducing Images · Here in on­go­ing, the im­ages nor­mal­ly are scaled down to a width of 300 pix­els (linked to a full-size ver­sion). Cur­rent­ly, I’m us­ing the open-source GD im­age li­brary to do the pho­tore­duc­tion; the us­abil­i­ty is ex­cel­lent but I’m un­sat­is­fied with the qual­i­ty of the re­sult­s. Here­with a sur­vey of some ap­proach­es, be­cause I’m sure lots of oth­er peo­ple have this prob­lem too. [Up­date: Holy Cow, did peo­ple re­spond. This is now pho­tore­duc­tion com­par­a­tive re­search world head­quar­ter­s.] ...
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