We ended a very nice week very nicely at the beach, you don’t really expect to enjoy balmy temperatures in crystal sunshine late into September up here, so the beach was busy as the citizens drank it in. I took a million pictures while I thought about good things that happened this week, many of which are the usual “Vancouver nestled in the mountains in the slanting sun” thing, but I didn’t put any of those in here. Question: what do the children of urban fisherpeople do?

Answer: they play table-hockey of course.

table-hockey on the dock

Below are some of those urban fisherpeople, they’re not all from the same ethnic group but none of ’em are speaking English to each other, and they sure seem to have fun—I’d be a little nervous about eating anything I caught this close to a big city, but maybe that’s not the point.

People fishing from the jetty at Jericho beach

At work, a bunch of nice things happened: we did some PR on what seemed to me like a fairly boring press release and a ton of journalists and analysts wanted to talk to me. Plus, a couple of big deals that we’ve been working on for a long time moved along. Plus, the end of this big C programming project is in sight. Plus, I got my new laptop.

Sand close-up with light pink bubbly shell

At home, people have been a bit under the weather (the kid’s just recovering from chicken pox) but we had a blast watching those Nero Wolfe films that I ordered from A&E back in May; they deserve a separate write-up here, they’re not earth-shattering but they’re fun.


Also over the last couple of days, I not only figured out how to make Emacs do Unicode, I cooked up a little function for inserting those funny characters that is making me very happy, I’ll post it here later.

Sand close-up with two shells

In the broader world, a terrifically juicy political scandal is heating up, and I love this kind of story for its own sake, Watergate happened just as I got old enough to care about news and who needs to watch major-league sports when you can watch smart people taking big chances for much higher stakes?

Oh, and by the way, I lied in the opening paragraph about not having included any of those clichéd sunset shots.

Classic Vancouver sunset scene

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