Our endless golden summer ended, the grass is a happier green but the bike-ride to work is getting chilly. Vancouver’s at fifty degrees north latitude, and when the sun is out it’s coming sideways a lot of the time, which is photographer-friendly. There are still lots of flowers, but autumnal blossoms have to be twice as good as spring’s offerings to get half the impact, and they’re not. Still, they photograph well.

The fence on the west side of our back-yard is of rough unsquared cedar planks. They were brought in by the previous owner from her previous residence, and she was heartbroken because the movers didn’t note the carefully-selected order and just nailed them up anyhow in their current home. We like the effect fine.

Slanting sun on rough cedar fence planks

These nasturtiums aren’t ours, in fact we’ve failed miserably with them, but they seem to find this lattice a block down the back alley congenial.

Nasturtiums in a cedar lattice

Across the lane from the nasturtiums are these. I don’t know what they are, but they sure are prolific.

Many yellow flowers

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