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On Search: Intelligence · Here’s the prob­lem: search­ing for words isn’t re­al­ly what you want to do. You’d like to search for ideas, for con­cept­s, for so­lu­tion­s, for an­swer­s. In­stead, your typ­i­cal search en­gine mo­ron­i­cal­ly sorts through its post­ings, and tries to solve your prob­lems by look­ing at which words ap­pear where, and how of­ten, and so on. What we’d re­al­ly like is an in­tel­li­gent search en­gine. This es­say is most­ly about why we’re not like­ly to get one any time soon ...
$$$$! · Yes­ter­day I wrote about sign­ing up for Google’s AdSense pro­gram, and start­ed ac­tu­al­ly dis­play­ing some ads on that es­say last night some time af­ter 9 PM. Below is Google’s admirably-clear re­port on my first day in the In­ter­net Ad­ver­tis­ing busi­ness. It’s in­ter­est­ing and, you know, there might be some mon­ey in this ...
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