So I'm on the plane for many hours, Orlando to Vancouver, middle seat in economy class (didn't travel much last year, lost all my special status), hot, cramped, hungry. Hooray, we're here! As you walk out of the customs hall at Vancouver airport, there's this place where all the drivers stand holding up little signs saying Mr. Jones, Ms. Chang, and so on. Today one of them said I, Robot. Follow-up: Roomba, and you too can be a cinéaste

The most likely explanation is that since this is a movie-biz town, someone's shooting a version of the Asimov classic I, Robot, and the guy was picking up incoming staff.

Follow-up May 16: Bob Ducharme among others writes in to point out that the Internet Movie Database can tell you about in-progress movies, and indeed I, Robot, starring Will Smith, will be coming atcha in 2004. This is useful info indeed in Vancouver, I'm going to start looking up all those movie shoots that get in the way of my commute.

Or on the other hand, as Sebastian Banker points out, it may be all about the Roomba from

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