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Porn Spam: Zero to Zero · This is a true sto­ry: in 1988 I single-handedly knocked AOL off the air. What brought it to mind is, I just now took my once-daily look at the junk-mail fold­er and wiped a few dozen pornospams with a sin­gle keystroke, and there were none in my in­box; an­ti­spam is get­ting good enough that I may nev­er see an­oth­er, and I re­mem­bered, lo my righ­teous wrath and the aw­ful con­se­quences when I got my first one ...
The Beauty of Cities · Con­ven­tion­al­ly, beau­ty is to be found in na­ture, and that is es­pe­cial­ly true here in the Pa­cif­ic North­west, which has moun­tain­s, trees, and oth­er jew­els wait­ing round ev­ery cor­ner. But a cou­ple days ago I stepped out the of­fice door and the af­ter­noon win­ter sun was spilling be­tween the tow­ers and street­lamp poles and bathing the con­struc­tion sites, and, well, I'm a city boy. Peo­ple cre­ate beau­ti­ful things, and among the most beau­ti­ful things they cre­ate are cities ...
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