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Do Databases Suck? · A cou­ple of month ago I was writ­ing about a C cod­ing project; that code is now wired in­to the 4.1 re­lease of Visu­al Net, which comes out some­time ear­ly next year, and there’s an in­ter­est­ing op­ti­miza­tion les­son or two buried in there ...
Unflash · At Antarc­ti­ca, for ver­sion 3.0 of Visu­al Net, we added a Flash-based us­er in­ter­face to our tra­di­tion­al HTML fla­vor. For 4.0, which ships some­time be­fore end-of-year, we’ll be back­ing it out and stick­ing to dy­nam­ic HTML. It’s the right thing to do, but the choice wasn’t a slam-dunk. Here­with a look at the pros and con­s ...
About as Big as the Web · In re­cent month­s, I've been hav­ing se­ri­ous fun on the job work­ing with OCLC WorldCat data. WorldCat is big - about as big as the We­b, and in some re­spects richer. It is al­so amaz­ing­ly under-utilized (what was the last time you did a large-scale search on any­thing but Google?), and we'd like to fix that. Here­with some notes on who OCLC is, what WorldCat is, and some of the fun we're hav­ing. (Warn­ing: long, and with some pitch­ing for Antarc­ti­ca; but some juicy scree­nies, and in­fo­junkies must read­.) ...
Speaking of Browsers... Hooray! · We had a meet­ing at work this af­ter­noon and de­cid­ed to drop prod­uct sup­port for re­lease 4 browser­s! I'm so hap­py. If you do browser-based soft­ware, you should give this se­ri­ous con­sid­er­a­tion too; it buys you a lot and doesn't cost very much ...
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